Joining The Grotto

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Online Membership Application Form

To join the CIG

  • Submit Application Form
  • Sign Wavier and agreement to follow NSS conservation properties
  • Pay dues ($15)
  • Join NSS within one year

Download Application

Applications can be mailed to: Central Indiana Grotto, PO Box 153, Indianapolis, IN 46206-0153

Reasons to become a member of the Central Indiana Grotto

  • Keep up with caving news in Indiana and nationally.
  • Receive the CIG newsletter.
  • Connect with a great group of cavers.
  • Be a part of one of the most active and well organized grottos in the state.
  • Access to the extensive CIG library.
  • Information and training about caves and caving.
  • Conservation of the caves we love.
  • Access to caves on monthly led grotto trips.
  • The perfect place for beginners to get started in caving.
  • Enjoy rock or tree climbing? You gotta try vertical caving.
  • Great resource for educators, church and scout leaders
  • Its a lot of fun!

When meeting other cavers for the first time one of the first things in the conversation is always, “What grotto are you a part of?” It doesn’t take long to discover that when you respond with “CIG” you immediatly gain a certain amount of caver cred’.

Who CIG Membership Is For

  • Anyone interested in caves, and cave fauna.
  • New to the area and looking to meet local cavers
  • Those interested in learning about recreational and responsible caving
  • Families. Youth and family memberships are available.
  • Those in another grotto or even out of state in order to receive the newsletter and keep up on caving in Indiana.
  • Anyone looking for an opportunity to go enjoy wild caves but don’t know how or where.
  • Those interested in cave ecosystems, geology, cartography, conservation or caves in general even though you may not have a desire to do much wild caving.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts looking for an occasional cave trip.
  • Photographers, artists and musicians. They all have an important place in caving on the local and national level.
  • Leaders of scouting, education, community, homeschooling or church groups who are interested in making caving or caving programs one of their group’s activities.
  • Those wishing to become active in the caving community locally and nationally.
  • Thrifty people looking for a bargain. What a value at only $15!
  • Those who have been caving some but ready to take it to a new level.
  • Current NSS members looking for a grotto home.
  • Those looking for a good excuse to play in the mud

In order to join the Central Indiana Grotto you are required to: Download application form. Submit to a grotto officer at one of the scheduled meetings. Pay regular dues. The CIG dues are $15.00 per year, prorated to expire at the end of the December Meeting. Family membership is available to persons who live in the same household as a regular member. Family membership is $7.50 per year. Family members do not receive the CIG Newsletter.

New members who are not members of the National Speleological Society (NSS) are designated associate members. Associate members may not hold office in the grotto. Upon joining the NSS they automatically become regular members. Associate members are required to join the NSS within one year.

Members under the age of 17 are known as youth members. Youth members may neither vote nor hold office. Young members who have made significant contributions to the grotto or speleology may petition the Executive Committee to designate them as regular members in spite of their age.

All CIG members sign a release relieving their companions and the cave owners from liability concerns.
The requirement to attend meetings and trips is designed to protect prospective members from expending large amounts of time and money only to discover that caving is not enjoyable to them.

The real world of caving is quite different from the adventure stories found in most caving books. Serious cavers who cannot meet these requirements because of work schedules or other real concerns may ask the Executive Board to waive one or more of these requirements.

Download Application