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This Month’s Grotto Trip

April 19th Ron’s Ridgewalk  Ron Adams will be leading his annual ridgewalk. Spend the day searching for and documenting karst features in Southern Indiana! There will be no caving on this day. The objective is to systematically walk the wilderness and document karst features only. See the event on facebook  or contact Ron with questions or if interested in attending. encoded_email_link][/encoded_email_link]

Looking forward to seeing YOU in a cave!

Every month the grotto schedules a special activity usually on the Saturday or Sunday following the monthly grotto meeting. These are usually caving trips with most of the caves located in Southern Indiana. Many are suitable for beginners but some, especially vertical trips (requiring descending and climbing ropes) and wet trips (requiring a wet suit) may be more advanced and require special equipment and training. In the winter a vertical (rope) workshop is provided as well as a late winter ridge walk where you can learn more about karst geology and find caves. To see a list of grotto trips see the grotto trip schedule.

Grotto trips are the perfect place to meet other cavers and, if you are fairly new to caving, a great place to learn and connect.

Once you connect with the trip leader they will provide you with all the information you need to prepare for the upcoming trip and many times there will be some gear you may be able to borrow. A great resource to get ready for your first trip is to check out the Start Caving page. Many of the monthly cave trips are suitable for beginners so if there is a more advanced trip taking place this month then keep checking back and there will be a suitable trip soon or you can check out the CIG Google calendar.

To get an idea more what a grotto trip is like you can find pictures and trip logs of past trips over on the CIG gallery page. If you have a question we are glad to help you so feel free to fill out the form below and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Background photo is of Roberts Cave by Adam Haydock

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