Officers and Staff

Grotto Officers and Staff

Rich “Fargo” Lunseth

Self- taught outdoorsman from Fargo, North Dakota migrated to Indiana University in 1975 and majored in fine arts. Took Geology 101 and discovered karst topography was directly under my feet. Started out with Trapdoor Cave and have been hopelessly hooked since. Graduated and explored the caves of Chicago for ten years. Eventually my love for the outdoors overcame my love for Carson’s Ribs and I moved back to Indianapolis to raise a family and enjoy southern Indiana. Had two boys and got involved in scouting, became Scoutmaster and started taking the boys of Troop 18 on annual cave trips. I soon discovered the Central Indiana Grotto and started attending meetings to expand my knowledge of open caves for my annual trips. I got to know several members who where kind enough to help teach the boys cave conservation and guide them on a few trips. Over the years I have become more and more involved with the CIG and decided to say yes when I was asked to join the Executive Board and become Treasurer which lead to Board Chairman. Being a member of the Central Indiana Grotto has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most interesting people I have met in my life and to have many great adventures I would never have experienced on my own.

Darrell Lahm

Raymond Moul

Raymond Moul

My interest in caving started late in my life, at 29 years old when a friend and I found out about a local cave in Pennsylvania. That one random hike to explore a small cave quickly turned into a hobby and I found myself joining the York Grotto and going on cave trips as often as I could. In 2016 I moved from Pennsylvania to Indianapolis and I was warmly welcomed into the CIG. Through the CIG I’ve been able to cave with, and learn from, a fantastic group of experienced and knowledgeable cavers. Living so close to so many caves has offered me the opportunity to cave monthly, to learn vertical caving techniques, and to lead trips for the CIG. When the position of secretary became available I was more than happy to offer to serve the grotto.

Vice Chairman
Carl Tuttle Jr

Board Member
Charlie Vetters

Charlie has enjoyed caving and the many interesting people that the sport has brought him in contact with since 1987. He enjoys using his graphic design skills in working on the CIG web site and has won multiple awards in the National Speleological Society’s art salon for layout, design and T-shirt design.

Board Member
Scott Frosch

Newsletter Editor & Layout – Rich Lunseth

Newsletter Printing and Distribution – Keith Dunlap

Grotto Trip Coordinator – TBD        

Safety Coordinator – Paul Uglum

Conservation Coordinator – Scott Frosch

Meeting Program Coordinator – Ron Adams

Library Custodian & Quartermaster – Tom Rea

Cave Owner Relations Coordinator – Matt Pelsor

SpeleoLog Compiler – Keith Dunlap

Web Site Editors – Rich Lunseth, Raymond Moul and Charlie Vetters

Background photo is from Reeves Cave by Kevin Smith

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