CIG Gallery

Some great shots of Indiana caves by grotto chairman Joe Kinder

Indiana Cave Photos by Joe Kinder

Nov 2014 Grotto Trip Upper Twin/Bronson/Donaldson Through Trip. Photos Kelly McNamara, Ben Link, Charlie Vetters

Shawnee Cave Through Trip

Video of 11/14 grotto trip to Upper Twin/Bronson/Donaldson photos by Ben Link, Kelly McNamara and Charlie Vetters. Video by Charlie Vetters

Shawnee Through Trip Video

January 11th 2014 photos by Bill Greenwald,Charlie Vetters

CIG January Grotto Trip Ridgewalk & Eversole Cave

January 4th 2014 photos by Dean Wiseman

CIG Vertical Training

November 9th 2013 photos by Justin Thompson

Salts Cave Grotto Trip

August 10th 2013 photos by Guillaume Vailhé

Shiloh Cave-Dry Cave Grotto Trip

Trip report from 8/10 grotto trip to Shiloh and Dry Cave by Charlie Vetters

Shiloh and Dry Cave Trip Report 8/10/2013

June 8th 2013 photos by Reid Wightman and Charlie Vetters

Sullivan Cave Grotto Trip

Trip report from 6/8 grotto trip to Sullivan by Charlie Vetters

Sullivan Cave Trip Report 6/8/2013

May 2013 Grotto Trip to Suicide Cave Pictures by Robert VanFleet

Suicide Cave

Trip report from 5/13 grotto trip to Suicide Cave by Jesse Houser

Suicide Cave Trip Report 5/11/2013

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