Newsletter and Event Submission Form

Contact Form To Send Grotto Infomation

This form is to be used for sending information about Caving/grotto events or items that need to be included in the newsletter and on the web site. By filling out this one form and sending it it will be sent automatically to:

  • Newsletter Editor
  • Website Editors
  • Grotto officers so they can access it for meetings

For full length newsletter articles they still need to go through the normal process of being submitted to the newsletter editor in the proper format by the deadline of three weeks prior to a meeting. You can find the contact information for the newsletter editor on the Officers and Staff page.

Example: You have taken on the project of surveying a small newly discovered cave and want to solicit from the grotto assistance in surveying the cave. You fill out the form below providing all of the details and submit it. The E-board print it out so they can announce your project at the monthly meeting taking place in three days. The newsletter editor sees it and decides to put a blurb about it in the upcoming newsletter and the web site editors put it on the CIG calendar on the website and make sure it is communicated through the facebook page and the email newsgroup if it hasn’t been already. All this by submitting the proper detailed information through this one form.

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Background photo is of the McLain Mountain Room discovered spring 2014 in Binkley Cave. Photo by Joe Kinder

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