What is the CIG?

C.I.G. stands for Central Indiana Grotto.
The Central Indiana Grotto is a diverse group of people with a common interest in caves and caving.

The grotto consists of a variety of people with a wide range of skill levels and interests.

There are those just learning about caving and those that have been exploring caves all of their lives. There are geologists, conservationists, biologists, those who enjoy vertical caving (using ropes), those who prefer horizontal (not requiring ropes), boy scout leaders,teachers and just the weekend adventure seeker. Whether you enjoy caving a few times a year or every weekend or maybe you just want to learn more about caves and their ecosystems CIG is the right place for you!

Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at the World War Memorial building in downtown Indianapolis at Meridian and Michigan Streets. Our meetings usually consist of a business meeting, talk about recent caving, a brief break, and some form of cave related program. Our programs vary from guest speakers to slide programs on caves and caving.

Also scheduled monthly, usually on the weekend following the monthly meeting, the grotto plans a cave trip.  These trips cover a variety of skill levels and are open to visitors who have the appropriate equipment and training. Many of these are suitable for beginners and a great place to learn about proper equipment and safe and responsible caving. Sometimes these trips involve cave related activities such as the vertical workshop or the ridge walk in late winter one of the best times to discover new caves. The caves are great but just as great are the people you can meet on these trips. Check out the Grotto Activities page for more details.

The CIG is a branch of the National Speleological Society (NSS) which ties the grotto in with caving groups all over the United States. To learn more about the CIG and caving in Indiana take a look at the CIG Newsletter. If you are interested in becoming a member of the CIG you can find information here.

Background photo is from the grotto trip to Suicide Cave in 2013 by Robert Van Fleet

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